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Google Trends Settles the Internet’s Dumbest Popularity Contests

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By HVentertainment on January 2, 2013

When Google isn’t busy making us all embarrassingly emotional with its latest commercials, they are providing us with all these other cool ways besides Gchat to waste time at the office.

While we wait at HyperVocal headquarters for the news cycle to recover from its New Year’s hangover, we decided to dick around with Google Trends like the 12-year-olds that we are. Yes, we do exploit child labor laws.

Mark Sanchez Vs. Dirty Sanchez

Game of Thrones vs. Watch the Throne

Twinks vs. Bears

Lena Dunham vs. Jeff Dunham

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World

Mayan Apocalypse vs Y2K

Gangnam Style vs. Doggy Style

Golden Girls vs. Golden Shower

Tyler Perry vs. Madea

Hillary Clinton vs. Bill Clinton

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