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Rebecca Black Continues Naming Days of the Week, Releases ‘Saturday’

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Slade Sohmer

By Slade Sohmer on December 7, 2013

Rebecca Black didn’t make more than $1 million on the oft-mocked, much-downvoted “Friday,” 2011’s most Schadenfreude-based jam.

Despite what Forbes claimed, Black’s take-home was more likely in the tens of thousands of dollars. But money isn’t the thing here: The teenager gained incredible amounts of exposure from her freshman effort, if you’re into that sort of thing, and clearly she is/was. Not every 16-year-old girl in America has 1 million+ Twitter followers to listen to their every deep thought. This is a long con, folks, not a short-term cash haul.

So, Black this weekend released the official sequel to “Friday,” and naturally, it’s called “Saturday.” You’re probably throwing your hands up in the air and mouthing “Oh, for f*&k’s sake!” But Black clearly couldn’t pass up an opportunity to do *something* with the fame/infamy she craved and and received. And, hey, at least it’s … somewhat self-aware?

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While the first video was given the thumbs down more than 1.2 million times (on 61 million views and counting!), it was the early hate that got the ball rolling. This time around, Black not only enlisted Dave Days — a YouTube star with more than 1.5 million subscribers — but she has her own supporters. Because of “Friday,” because of her immense social media following, now her Twitter friends are sending their own army of followers to the video all primed to like it, and the early like-to-dislike count is overwhelmingly positive.

Something tells us you might agree more with this, though:


Surely critics will hate this, but so what?

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