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PornHub’s Rejected SFW Super Bowl Ad Is Brilliant Marketing

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By HVvids on January 29, 2013

PornHub knows how to play the game, that’s why their ad won’t be running during half time at this year’s Super Bowl.

The porn site produced a G-rated Super Bowl ad spot, featuring an elderly couple sitting on a park bench, knowing full well that it would be rejected by CBS, given the nature of their company. The whole stunt is going off without a hitch, because by hundreds of media outlets, including us, posting the video and accompanying story, they get all the free press they want without paying the nearly $4-million price tag of a Super Bowl ad slot.

Meanwhile, CBS looks hypocritical for airing a slow-motion Kate Upton suggestively washing a Mercedes during breaks from the Harbaugh Bowl.

PornHub has put its rejection by CBS up for public vote here in an effort to drive publicity. The consensus? An overwhelming cry of “Air It.”

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PornHub offered the full story through a press release:

Super Bowl TV network CBS has stepped up its defensive line ahead of this Sunday’s big game, blocking a proposed multi-million dollar commercial from Pornhub.com…a CBS spokesperson offered this brief response via email to the website’s proposal: “CBS Television Network Standards do not permit advertising related to pornography. Therefore, we cannot accept your submission.”

Pornhub Vice President Corey Price said: “The Super Bowl is the Holy Grail of ad spots and given our website’s huge following in the US, we developed a G-rated commercial that we felt would meet the network’s advertising standards.”

Well done, PornHub. That’s marketing done right.

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