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Patton Oswalt Wins Twitter With These Brilliant Two-Part Troll Tweets

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If you checked your Twitter feed midday on Saturday, you may have noticed some off-color, off-brand tweets from comedian Patton Oswalt.

Check these gems out:

Dayum! Harsh stuff!

But wait. Hang on. Check out the tweet that precedes each of those …

Experiment 1:

Experiment 2:

Experiment 3:

Experiment 4:

Experiment 5:

Experiment 6:

Experiment 7:

Best for last:

Just brilliant Twitter joke construction, that.

I’m not sure whether Oswalt did this for his own followers who just skim tweets or to have the part-two punchlines RT’d into others’ feeds for maximum head-scratching, but either way it’s amazing.

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Oswalt RT’d some folks who clearly didn’t get it:


patton 2

Movie theater masturbator Anna Kendrick appreciates it:

Which felt good because it meant that Anna and I read the same tweets at the same time and both smiled at the same time. Let’s hang out.

Then Jeopardy! champ Ken Jennings got into the act:

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