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World’s Oldest Dash Cam Footage? Surprisingly, It’s Not From Russia

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By HVvids on January 3, 2013

Dated April 24, 1926, this might be the world’s oldest dash cam video.

In an era fraught with bizarre Russian dash cam footage of hatchet fights and fighter jets feet from your fender, it’s nice to see the dash cam art in its purest form in this clip that dates back to the era of silent film.

The description of the the video reads:

April 24, 1926 with Chief Kenlon and his fire crew on their way to a fire in the first video, starting with the fire vehicle leaving the station, and then the camera was mounted to the truck for the balance of the video showing a “dash cam” perspective. The second video shows the whole course of events, from the initial broadcast, warning, dispatch, travel and (of course), the fire being extinguished. All silent footage, with narration via text rather than voice.

But, wait, is that really the oldest dash cam footage? This video, purportedly of a tram ride in Barcelona, dates all the way back to 1908:

Now we know who to thank for implementing the dash cam, an invention that keeps both our law enforcement and our superheroes honest, while providing us with an endless supply of WTF?!

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