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‘Mean Gurlz’ Needs a Kickstarter ASAP

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Slade Sohmer

By Slade Sohmer on May 31, 2013

Hey, if Lifetime can produce an all-black Steel Magnolias reboot, and if Zach Braff and whoever’s behind Veronica Mars can raise cinema seed money on Kickstarter, what’s stopping Todrick Hall from actually making this “Mean Gurlz” teaser a full-length feature? Set it up, post-haste!

Hall, the former American Idol ninth season contestant who’s ridden comedic stereotypes to viral video fame several times over the past few years, may generate some controversy with this “trailer” for the new (and/or improved) Mean Girls. But it’s all for the lulz, and it should be perceived as such: “I only hope that this video can help you escape real life for five whole minutes, and just laugh,” he wrote. And laugh we did.

Admit it, you’d watch. Just for Unique from Glee, even.

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