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Local Maine News Station Compares Storm Coverage to The Hunger Games

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Marisa Kabas

By Marisa Kabas on October 31, 2013

As the weather in Maine shifts from pretty cold to nut-shrinkingly freezing, an NBC affiliate decided it was time to make the “world premiere” of its new promo. Instead of doing a “Winter is coming,” Games of Thrones thing — which probably would’ve made more sense — they decided to do a weather-related take on the Hunger Games called “Storm Center.”

One WCSH/WLBZ anchor nonchalantly mentions the promo took MONTHS to make. Not much going on in Maine, news-wise. The basic story is that the weather girl is like “I volunteer as tribute,” and then the other anchor teaches her how to wield a shovel or something. The production value is actually decent, but we have a hard time buying the comparison of local weather to fighting a vicious death match in a post-apocalyptic society.

And to really drive home the point that they’re pretty freaking great, they did a side-by-side of their promo with the real Hunger Games.

“For a goofy joke we hope that you agree we stack up fairly well,” said one anchor without a trace of irony.

May the clouds be ever in your favor.

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Local news never fails to amaze.

[via FTVLive]
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