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‘Knickers’ Video Parodies Kmart’s Viral Ads With Risqué Rase-Based Punnery

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Brett Rosner

By Brett Rosner on June 11, 2013

They had it coming. After creating surprisingly innovative and funny new ads — ‘Ship My Pants’ and ‘Big Gas Savings’ — Kmart now has a bit of a problem on its hands: a racially risqué parody of its own viral ads.

The new video, “Kmart Knickers,” has the same premise: If you say that word quickly enough … yeah, you get the point. Reminder, this video was not made Kmart. Check out the controversial ad below:

The video was created by the California comedy group TheGunfordmay.

I’m sure Kmart might have welcomed a parody of one of its popular ads, but I’m not sure they wanted this kind of parody.

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