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‘Kid in Cockpit’ Sketch Is the Most Polarizing Comedy Bit of 2013

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By HVentertainment on May 5, 2013

The premise has been around forever: Adorable young fella wants to see the cockpit. But, no spoilers, check out where Australia’s “The Elegant Gentleman’s Guide to Knife Fighting” takes this familiar gag:

via Reddit

Aaaand scene. Mixed feelings about that one? You’re probably not alone.

There’s comedy there, to be sure. But where exactly is the punchline? Does it peak too early, the reveal of the terrorists in the cockpit? Or does the real joke hinge on everything that comes after that reveal?

How offensive do you find this? Is it offensive to Muslims, the playing on stereotypes, or the actual victims of terroristic violence?

More questions than answers. Maybe that’s why it’s such a brilliant sketch.

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