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Kate Upton Leaves That YouTube Nerd Dateless for Prom

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By Greg Seals on March 25, 2013

The brief-but-glorious saga of Jake Davidson, the would-be Kate Upton prom date, came to an unhappy ending this weekend.

It all started last Monday, when an innocuous YouTube plea from Davidson began making its rounds on the interwebs. It wasn’t long before it came to the attention of Kate Upton, who responded via tweet that she would check her schedule. Then the Today Show producers took note and arranged a telephone surprise from Upton during his appearance last Wednesday.

Upton volunteered a tentative maybe and said she would check her and availability before saying making any corsage commitments. Now, thanks to an interview with People Magazine, the whole thing’s been called off. Good.

Sadly for Jake, the schedule of a back-to-back Sports Illustrated swimsuit cover model is about as busy as expected, making her once again, just the unattainable fantasy of the Los Angeles high schooler.

The consolation prizes he’s left to collect? Kate Upton said his name on national television and went on record saying that his video made her laugh. Those are two things he can take straight to the spank bank if he gets blue balled on prom night by a lack of date. Good luck, kid.

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