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No, Jennifer Aniston Does Not Have a List of Normals She’s Allowed to Sleep With

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Slade Sohmer

By Slade Sohmer on August 15, 2013

While sitting for junket interviews to promote her new comedy We’re the Millers, which contrary to the commercials surely has some comedy in there somewhere, Jennifer Aniston revealed that unlike normal people who have a list of celebrities they can sleep with in good faith of their relationship (Isabella Rossellini!), she does not have a list of regular folk that she can bang if she sees one on the street.

The interviewer, by the way, is Chris Stark, the irresistibly charming BBC radio sidekick who gained fame when he sat down with Mila Kunis earlier this year. If anything, watch this clip for Stark’s adorable awkwardness.

Pig in a wig? Anagrams? Strip clubs? This Stark guy is pure, unadulterated adorable awkward awesomeness. Get it.

via @Chris_Stark

via @Chris_Stark

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