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Hello Carol. I’m Carol!

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Slade Sohmer

By Slade Sohmer on August 12, 2013

From “Hello, Carol” to “tread lightly,” the Breaking Bad Final 8 premiere did not disappoint. Seven more intense character studies like this and we best be ready to call this the greatest show in television history.

It’s curious, though, that some of the footage of that flash-forward opening scene hit the cutting room floor. Thankfully, we found it:

Walter White Sings ‘My Way’
Saul Goodman Breaks Down Local Lawyer Ads With Julie Klausner

On a similar note, it’s amazing that HyperVocal is still functioning after Bryan Cranston sent out one tweet and one tweet only on BB Premiere Day, and it was to an HV post. Dead. Still dead. Like Gale.

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