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Gary Busey Teaches You How to Turn an Inner Tube Into a Sex Toy

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By Greg Seals on January 24, 2013

Welcome to The Busey Zone! It’s a horrifying web series hosted by Gary Busey that’s part unhinged ramblings of an actor who’s suffered serious brain damage and part sexual crafting instruction!

Today on The Busey Zone, Gary muses on not only the existential qualities of an inner tube, “the most beautiful thing about inner tubes is that they’re multi-dimensional,” but also ways to pleasure yourself with them.

Here are the step by step sexual crafting instructions in case your mind was too busy melting during that video.

For the fellas:
-With the inner tube flat, cut a hole in it approximate to the size of your member
-Purchase rubber hosing from “the marine supply office depot”
-Apply the hosing to the hole
-Insert “your pleasure body parts” into the hole
-Pump & fuck the inner tube “from the top of the river to the bottom of the river”

For the ladies:
-Place a battery charged pleasure device on the exterior of the inner tube
-Insert yourself on the device
-*Gary makes sound effects to simulate the sound of thrusting or pumping*
-“You won’t get pregnant”
-“The inner tube won’t get pregnant, nor will the woman”

And now we know the reason Gary Busey isn’t allowed in water parks anymore…

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