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DiCaprio’s Japan Interview Better Than Just Jack Nicholson Eyebrows

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By HVentertainment on March 6, 2013

As part of a junket, a Japanese television host asked Leonardo DiCaprio, through a translator, if he does any celebrity impressions. DiCaprio, ever the good sport, broke out his “Jack Nicholson eyebrows.” It’s spot-on.

dicaprio nicholson eyebrows

Check out the video — it’s uncanny (will start at right moment):

via Clip Nation

But, really, watch the whole video. There’s a language barrier, there are superimposed graphics, people pop in and out of the bottom right of the screen, Quentin Tarantino makes an appearance as a pair of cartoon characters, and at one point, raindrops show up with no explanation whatsoever for non-Japanese speakers. This is a winner.

dicaprio hand scar

leonardo dicaprio quentin

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dicaprio ?!

dicaprio raindrops

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