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DeLorean Hovercraft Takes a Spin in San Francisco Bay at 88 MPH


By Jeff Wilber
January 16, 2013 at 2:51 pm

Forget hoverboards, those are so 2015. Instead, surf the transportation wave of the future with this awesome DeLorean hovercraft.

While we’re still waiting on Doc Brown to fix the flux capacitors, have some fun in the mean time cranking this bad boy up to 88 mph and letting it rip over the San Francisco Bay. Totally awesome.

Thankfully, this DeLorean modification is something you can take a ride in. Not long ago, New York was teased with a concept design of what a DeLorean yellow cab would look like. Alas, like the actual DeLorean, it doesn’t exist … yet.

delorean cab 1

But, thanks to the invention of this DeLorean hovercraft, the future that Doc Brown foresaw is one step closer here.

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