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Burt Reynolds, You're Free to Take This Lady's Born-Again Virginity

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Slade Sohmer

By Slade Sohmer on May 7, 2013

“They call her ‘Trish the Dish.’”
“Nobody calls me that.”

This lovely lady here is Trisha Paytas, a former stripper and current lingerie model-slash-YouTube star. Her popular GrindhouseBarbie channel has racked up nearly 100 million views since she began video blogging, which likely has nothing to do with her self-described DDD cup breasts.

burt reynolds virginity

(For what it’s worth, Trish has the best Twitter bio of anyone out there: “I’m a mix between woody allen and your local hooker!”)

Trish saw a story of a girl who auctioned off her virginity and thought she’d love to do the same thing, only she’s not a virgin. Admitting she hasn’t had sex in three years, though, Trish thought long and hard about who she would give this born-again virginity away to … for free. The answer? Burt Reynolds.

Let’s make Smokey and the Born-Again Virginity Bandit happen.

Here’s Trish’s message in the description:

Dear Mr. Burt Reynolds,

you may contact me via twitter @trishapaytas if you would like to take me up on my offer

Forever Yours,


Burt, if you’re out there, make this nice lady’s day.


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