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Breaking Bad Bullet Hole: Foreshadowing Walt’s Fate or Perfect Storytelling?

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Slade Sohmer

By Slade Sohmer on September 16, 2013

Warning: some spoilers contained within. Stop reading if you’re not caught up.

As if the already tight Breaking Bad cinematography couldn’t get any tight-tight-tiiighter, along comes Vince Gilligan, “Ozymandias” director Rian Johnson and Director of Photography Michael Slovis to offer up this incredible shot from the New Mexico desert. The bullet hole in the Caddy, it tells a story, but does it tell a future story or a past story?

breaking bad

There are two ways to look at this amazing piece of photography.

1. This is epic foreshadowing, bruh! See that reflection? See that bullet hole in the middle of his forehead? That’s what’s gonna happen to Walter. They’re telling you what happens to Walter OMG OMG!

2. This is perfect storytelling, almost literary. This isn’t foreshadowing, guy. This is simply the death of Heisenberg the Cook. He died in the desert that day. Hank’s death was Heisenberg’s death. Walter still lives. Walter is the Family Man. The bullet hole in the Caddy’s reflection? That’s only symbolic of the death of Walt’s uglier, evil, meth empire-building alter ego.

Only if the latter were true, who’s the asshole on the phone with Skyler at the end? That didn’t exactly sound like Mr. Family Man. (UPDATE: Yes, that was Mr. Family Man. Took a few hours, but Walt knew exactly what he was doing there — clearing his wife’s name. Sorry for the abject stupidity on my part.)

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As for the name of the episode:

via @pourmecoffee

via @pourmecoffee

And the visual, which should look familiar:

via atomictoasters.com

via atomictoasters.com

Some Redditor did the side-by-side:


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