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The Only Comment Worth Reading About Beyoncé’s Surprise New Album

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Slade Sohmer

By Slade Sohmer on December 13, 2013

So Beyoncé dropped a surprise new album at midnight Friday, and Twitter predictably went apeshit. Download it here.

The Queen then bowed down before the altar of cupcakes, posting this photo to Instagram a few hours after the release of her self-titled album.

And this woman was having none of it: It is declared, “GIRL FUCK YOUR CUPCAKES” is the new standard response to everything:

She speaks for everyone. This is the voice of a generation.

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UPDATE: Deactivatedfatgirl, a great user name, caught wind of this story blowing up, and she posted this caption to her latest photo:

“To those who are peeping my page AFTER reading my comment (and subsequently deciding to go in), note that I am a @beyonce stan to the 10th power. In order for you to “get” my comment, you’d have to know my voice. Of course I’m happy she dropped a new album; we waited long enough for it. My comment was speaking more to the fact that Bey oh so casually posted a pic of cupcakes after literally dropping a musical bomb on us. The ‘fuck your cupcakes’ comment was my way of saying ‘ok Motha. Let’s talk about this bomb ass album and worry about these cupcakes later.’ Anyway, there’s that. Enjoy your Friday, guys.”

Obviously. We’re totally with ya, deactivatedfatgirl.

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