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Beyoncé Sloppy Swish: Super Bowl Choreography Courtesy of SNL

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By Greg Seals on February 4, 2013

When diehard SNL nerds took a break from watching the Puppy Bowl to tune into see Beyoncé’s halftime performance, they could only see one thing. Forget the razor-sharp choreography, the soaring vocals, the Destiny’s Child reunion, and that human Klonopin Michelle Williams — last night was all about the co-opting of Mokiki’s signature “Sloppy Swish.”

Sloppy Swish

Step aside Super Bowl Shuffle, Beyoncé’s Sloppy Swish is now and forever the signature dance of this sporting event.

Sloppy Swish

Now that the Sloppy Swish has Bey’s royal blessing, I’m sure it’s not long before Stefon will be at city’s hottest club, Bloosh, Sloppy Swishing his was across a dance floor covered in Blue Ivy. You know, it’s that thing where like, black little people are swaddled by Beyoncé impersonators?

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