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Beyoncé Nip Slip?

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By Greg Seals on February 4, 2013

Two days after the 9th anniversary of Janet Jackson’s television-altering nip slip, Beyoncé may have let loose a heyoooo during her Super Bowl halftime performance. Besides her subtle co-opting of SNL’s Sloppy Swish, there might have been another part of the performance you didn’t catch.

If there was a ever an areola that could eclipse the shadow of Jackson’s flashed protuberance, it would certainly be Queen Bey’s.

Beyonce Nipple

So, what’s the verdict? Is this the teet where Blue Ivy’s breakfast is served every morning? A suction cup designed to keep the dress in place? A shadow and a pastie? Is it like one of those mind’s eye pictures where you have to let your eyes go crossed to see the nipple? Did it even happen?

via The Big Lead

Ultimately, who cares? If you didn’t catch it on TV, then it’s no big deal, and even if it did happen, she is a flawless human being.

Whatever that turns out to be, it’s surely better than Nancy Grace’s niptacular Dancing With the Stars performance.

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