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Forget Black Santa or White Jesus. Charles Barkley Thinks It’s LeRoy Jetson.

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Slade Sohmer

By Slade Sohmer on December 20, 2013

After Thursday night’s NBA on TNT halftime show slip, the debate over whether Megyn Kelly thinks Santa Claus and Jesus are white will now be replaced by whether the Jetsons’ youngest son is white or black.

Charles Barkley let the name “LeRoy Jetson” fly during halftime of Spurs-Warriors game. Despite immediately correcting himself, his TNT teammates — Ernie Johnson, Kenny Smith & Shaq — yucked it up so hard over Elroy’s new life as a black child that it began trending on the twitters.

The gang even threw LeRoy a new skin shade:

via NBA on TNT

via NBA on TNT

Hey, remember when we found out Kanye West was the new creative director on the forthcoming Jetsons movie adaptation? LeRoy could be real!

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