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Dancing Sign Language Interpreter at Wu-Tang Clan Steals Show at Bonnaroo

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Brett Rosner

By Brett Rosner on June 20, 2013

You would think that acts like R. Kelly or the Wu-Tang Clan would be some of the highlights at the Bonnaroo music festival, but it was actually a sign language interpreter who stole the shows.

Yes, Bonnaroo had ASL translators, and they were AWESOME. This interpreter, named Holly, took signing to the next level at the Wu-Tang Clan show. Check out her rockin’ performance:

Move over, Lydia Callis, you’ve got company.

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Holly also signed at the R. Kelly concert. Here’s what THAT looked like:

She literally rapped with her hands.

According to Stereogum, music duo Matt & Kim called Holly on stage and asked to sign some dirty words. And she did it.

Matt & Kim called her onstage during their set, and she was a game participant, satisfying Kim’s request she demonstrate the signs for ‘pussy,’ ‘vagina’ (note: same sign!), and ‘Bonnaroo.’

Holly will surely single-handedly usher in a whole new generation to ASL college major. Two thumbs, and hands, way up.

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