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Slade Sohmer

By Slade Sohmer on February 17, 2013

You can keep your Harlem Shake videos. We’ll be over here watching the most authentic new American band to come along in years.

The growing legend of Brittany Howard and Alabama Shakes slays a dying meme every day of the week and twice on Sunday Saturday Night Live.

Hold On

As Huey wrote on these pages after his first Alabama Shakes viewing, “Amidst the entertainment industry’s marketing barrage of prepackaged, commoditized entertainment, it’s sometimes hard to find a shred of true authenticity. This is particularly so in the music sector, where this year’s hot new act is often a reheated version of last year’s trend, and the term “derivative” is a marketing strategy, rather than an indictment. In this context, when something truly organic and highly original arises, sui generis, before your eyes, it’s hard not to get downright giddy.”

Always Alright

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