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With Seth MacFarlane Out, Who Should Host The Oscars Next Year?

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Stacy Lambe

By Stacy Lambe on February 26, 2013

On Tuesday, Seth MacFarlane tweeted that he would not take on the thankless job a second year in a row. The news likely means that ABC’s late night host, Jimmy Kimmel, will assume the task in 2014. Wouldn’t it be awesome, however, if the Oscars went with one of these other choices?

Screen Shot 2013-02-26 at 11.03.37 AM-2

Tina Fey and Amy Poehler


The duo turned the Golden Globes into a watchable affair after Ricky Gervais nearly ruined everyone’s opinion of edgy celebrities.

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Neil Patrick Harris


Like Hugh Jackman, this man can sing, dance and host the heck out of an award show. Just watch this.

Meryl Streep

merylVanity Fair

She could play Batman and be the right choice. Her speeches are the best part of any award show and she’d likely win an Emmy for taking on the job.

Louis CK


The stand-up comedian would be a bold choice. He certainly knows how to deliver a funny, smart monologue and has an eye for sharp parodies.

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Tracy Morgan


Controversial. Funny. Outrageous. Totally watchable. (It’ll never happen, but we as an internet need to make this happen.)

The Cast of Community


The cast will likely be out of work soon, so it wouldn’t be so bad to take advantage of their free time. How great would be to see “Troy & Abed at the Oscars?” Besides, Chevy has experience in this department.

Eddie Murphy


Murphy was supposed to host the Oscars this year but left after the show’s producer Brett Ratner stepped down. Why not give it another go?

No One


The MTV Movie Awards ditched the host in 2011. The Oscars went on without a master of ceremonies in 1989. Frankly, it’s usually the host’s numbers that increase the show’s run time. Anyone can open the awards with a number and the weight of the show can be shared by the presenters.

Disagree with our choices here? Have a dream host of your own? Let us know below in the comments.

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