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Don’t F’in Miss This Year in Unnecessary Censorship

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By HVentertainment on December 19, 2012

If there’s anything better than your aunt getting drunk on spiced rum at family Christmas and cussing everyone out before passing out in the pile of coats in the guest bedroom, it’s Jimmy Kimmel’s unnecessary censorship.

It’s the Best of 2012.

More internet hilarity from our fine friends at ClipNation this holiday season:

• Kevin McCallister’s back in Home Alone: With Vengeance, and this time he’s not f&%king around.

• When Anne Hathaway and Samuel L Jackson have a sad off, everybody wins.

• If there’s anything more awkward than your office Christmas party, it’s these awkward Christmas carols.

• Before you teach them the “12 Days of Christmas,” teach them how to count to 12 first. Adorable confusion ensues.

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