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White Wedding: Groom & Co. Bust Out Bieber Dance

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By HVentertainment on January 12, 2012

Perhaps Billy Idol had this in mind when he wrote “White Wedding.”

Let’s all wish Brian and Emily a very happy life together as one, beginning with this particular dancing moment in time that will forever be bonded with memories of their wedding date.

Denizens of the Internets may hate on this (and they have already begun to do so), but the coordinated dance is well-executed and bristling with energy — pretty fly for a white guy, and his bearded posse of white guys. Kudos bars. The problem is, like many other videos online, that this doesn’t exactly translate from killing it in a controlled room full of people to watching it on YouTube without being there. These guys, it appears from the reaction of the crowd, nailed it. They crushed it. The bride was beaming. The shrieks were plentiful. But on YouTube? Just looks like a mediocre dance crew in suspenders.

So, new rule: If you’re going to do some coordinated dance at a wedding, go ahead and do it, and do it well. Stuff like this rules. But it’s probably best to keep it offline and just remember the thought of how awesome it was in real life. You don’t need strangers to chime in about how “gay” it was.

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