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Watch a Beaver and a Boy Wave To One Another To Brighten You Day



By HVentertainment
December 11, 2012 at 5:19 pm

Someone get this lil’ guy out of the tank. He should be greeting guests at the entrance to the Oregon zoo. [ClipNation]

• One of the decoy girls from To Catch A Predator did a Reddit AMA yesterday. It was probably the safest online interaction she’s ever had. [WarmingGlow]

• MGM won a restraining order against a straight-to-DVD mockbuster of The Hobbit. [FilmDrunk]

• See the greatest NBA moments imagined in MS Paint. It’s like if Bob Ross was gloriously bad with computers.[WithLeather]

• God bless Rob Kardashian, he finally launched that line of fancy socks you can masturbate into. [VideoGum]

• Brace yourself for the most controversial photos of 2012. [Flavorwire]

• Ian McKellen revealed he has been living with prostate cancer for the past “six or seven years.” [TheMarySue]

• Here’s the reason behind the Gmail/Google Chrome crash yesterday that had your entire office crying. [Geekosystem]

• These Maine high school students were served weed cookies at an ethics seminar. [BroBible]

• Taylor Swift and Harry Styles caused several cases of eye strain after the eye rolls that occured from them recreating the Dirty Dancing lift. [TheFrisky]

• 20 of the most badass Star Wars tattoos , and not a single Jar Jar Binks in the bunch. [UnrealityMag]

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