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Val Kilmer as Mark Twain Will Crush Your Mindgrapes

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By HVentertainment on November 24, 2012

Uncanny. Perhaps even better than his Jim Morrison or Doc Holliday.


Kilmer tweeted the photo just before midnight on Friday, reminiscing about his one-man show, “Citizen Twain,” which he hopes to make into a film.

The Los Angeles Times has more:

Kilmer said in an interview that the play is a warm-up for a movie he wants to make about the contentious relationship between Twain and Mary Baker Eddy, the founder of Christian Science. (Kilmer is a lifelong member of the Church of Christ, Scientist.) In the play, Kilmer plays Twain as a ghostly apparition who returns from the dead. The words he speaks are a mix of Kilmer’s own jokey, surreal writing — “Welcome to the Batman Forever Cemetery,” he says by way of introduction — and selections from Twain’s essays, articles and novels. The actor also performs a song or two.

“It’s not a plot-driven play,” Kilmer explained in a recent interview in Santa Monica. “Twain himself sometimes wrote as if from the great beyond. It’s really a character study.”

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