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Today In Awesome Internet Trailers: ‘Parks and Recreation’ The Movie

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By HVentertainment on December 4, 2012

Lil’ Sebastian is dead. Everyone in Pawnee is guilty until proven innocent.

• These baby bumps don’t need a hype man. The eight most hyped celebrity pregnancies

11 ridiculous White House petitions, each more absurd than the last

Cats knitting is the cutest thing you’ll see on the ‘net all day

• John Travolta used his Scientology magic to heal a car crash victim

• Stream your childhood. Disney and Netflix seal multi-year licensing agreement

• Find out what John Waters’ favorite film of 2012

• Here’s all the dudes of Parks and Recreation hanging out with the Indianpolis Colts

• Someone just made cheese using human bacteria cultures, in case you wanted to become voluntarily lactose intolerant

• If you rob a bank, bragging about it on YouTube probably isn’t going to end well

• Form a prayer circle, Anderson Cooper’s enigmatic blue eyes got sunburned

• Awesome street art depicts Muhammad Ali dominating the virtual Street Fighter competition

• Jamie Foxx will play an electrician/villain in the Spiderman Sequel: Electric Boogaloo

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