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The World’s Most Absurd Boomerang-Shaped Pizza Commercial Ever, Bar None

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By HVvids on January 11, 2012

Get ready for 152 seconds of “What the heck did I just watch? Was that an ad for pizza?”

It all starts with a Thor-like God tossing a Pizza Boomerang down to mere mortals on Earth. The Pizza Boomerang helps stop a suicide attempt, doles out justice to a park flasher and saves a man from eating a poorly grilled octopus. It’s the most WTF ad for a pizza-like substance you’ll ever see.

A word of warning: There’s a fake severed penis at some point. Of course there is.

There’s so much to say about that, but the fact that the God’s name is Von Boomerang really ties everything together. Thank you, Sofa Experience Communications, for making that ad for the world to watch. You deserve at least a Clio Award, at best an Oscar. Good luck to you.

Okay, so maybe it’s only the second weirdest commercial involving Boomerang:

(via The Daily What)

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