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The Most Beautiful Hair in the NCAA Tournament

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By Ryan O’Hanlon on March 15, 2012

Murray State won the opening game of the second round — and by “second,” I mean “first” — beating Colorado State 58–41. Yes, one team scored 41 points in a division-one basketball game. By every basketball definition, this game was awful. Murray State scored 58 points, which is not a lot of points, but they won by 17. Seventeen! However, this game of basketball was not without merit.

There is a player for Murray State named Edward Daniel — Ed Daniel to you. It’s always tough when your first name ends with the first letter of your surname, but we all have our crosses to bear, don’t we? I also once heard that having two first names makes you more likely to be a serial killer, but Ed Daniel is not a serial killer. Ed Daniel is not a serial killer because he has a glorious, fluffy, (dare I say it?) perfect afro.

You would not grow out your hair in such a manner if you had homicidal tendencies. You would also not do this if you were a normal/boring person. Anyone who still has an afro is trying to tell you something. Mainly, “I am awesome.” And Ed Daniel is the most awesome person playing in this year’s NCAA tournament. I have never met Ed Daniel, and I don’t know anything about him past this “Beyond the Fro”–type story, but that doesn’t matter. I just know.

Be-fro’d basketball players just look crazier. Whether or not they’re actually playing with more effort, the way the hair bounces around and is kind of “just there” makes it look like these dudes are always trying really hard. And that’s how Daniel’s been painted: the all-energy, jack-of-every-trade type. Except, today, he sort of did these things casually, as if to spite the character his hair, which has its own Twitter account, had turned him into. He picked off a cross-court pass while he walked — not ran — back toward his own hoop. He blocked a shot, it seemed, just because it flew too close to his head. And he threw a couple of outlet passes with a sag-shouldered coolness, like he was annoyed he’d even had the ball in the first place.

This seems to be his thought process: “I have really great hair. Sure, I did/am going to do this thing, but I don’t really care. My hair is the best hair.”

If more people went about their lives with a similar sentiment in mind, the world would not be a worse place.

Ryan O’Hanlon lives in Brooklyn, where he writes and tweets things. He used to play soccer and go to college, neither of which he will ever get over.

Image via Chron.com


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