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The Evolution of Halloween Costumes, From Girls to Women

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By Greg Seals on October 9, 2012

Halloween is coming! Unfortunately, for adult women who want a costume that’s weather-appropriate, there aren’t many options out there (unless you go the DIY Breaking Bad or NASA engineer route).

If you’re not familiar with the rules of Halloween in Girl World, let Mean Girls give you the skinny:

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That said, let’s take a look at the Party City and Spirit Halloween catalogs!

(It’s a little depressing.)

1. Nurse

Trick or Treat, B*tch! The Official ‘Breaking Bad’ Halloween Guide
The 40 Tightest Pants in Rock History

2. Pirate

3. Bee

4. Devil

5. Kitty

eBay Seller Posts Disturbingly Real James Holmes Mask
NASA Engineer Shows You How to Blow a Hole in Your Own Chest

6. Witch

7. Angel

8. Minnie Mouse

9. Dorothy

10. Unicorn

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