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‘It’s Thanksgiving’: Is It Worse Than Rebecca Black’s ‘Friday?’

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By HVvids on November 9, 2012

The most important shopping day of the year is around the corner, [Rebecca] Black Friday. But before you can have “Fun, fun, fun, fun” at those [Rebecca] Black Friday door-buster sales, prying an iPad Mini from the cold death grip of a suburban mom who slammed a bottle of Cooking Sherry standing in line for five hours, you must first take time and give thanks.

That’s exactly what Nicole Westbrook is: thankful.

Thankful to participate in not only the time-honored tradition of sharing a holiday meal with the ones you love, but also thankful to be part of a rich legacy of wealthy white girls that look like Kohl’s catalog models whose parents are rich enough to buy them a calendar-based music video featuring an obscure black rapper who just needed the money.

Apparently Miss Westbrook is so confident in her dance hit “It’s Thanksgiving” becoming a holiday tradition as time-honored as those Charlie Brown specials that she chose to open the video with the Thanksgiving date that comes next year, November 28th, 2013. Ultimately, this isn’t just about the holidays or Nicole’s launching a music career, this is an opportunity to finally break away from the children’s table and sit with the adults next year.

But why would you ever want to leave a table like this?!

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[via Short Form Blog]
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