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‘SNL’ Preview: Lindsay Lohan as Callista Gingrich?

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By HVentertainment on March 1, 2012

Geaaaugaghgh! I’ve never seen a scarier face hybrid than this one of mid-comeback, post–”Marilyn” Playboy shoot Lindsay Lohan and the owlish, quasihuman-looking Mrs. Gingrich. Looks like the Saturday Night Live writers are on to something.

A source tells Fox411 that one of the writers’ skit ideas “involves Lohan playing none other than Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich’s wife Callista.”

[Viewers] should be ready to expect anything. Lohan has told the SNL writers that they have carte blanche to have their way with her. Fox411 heard last week that Lohan’s camp made it clear to the SNL that nothing was off-limits, not her legal troubles, her rehab stints or her recent nude Playboy shoot.

No matter which Lohan comes out to play, experts aren’t so sure this will mean big ratings for SNL.

“My feeling is that if NBC thought it would produce a big rating they would have had it air during February sweeps which ends on February 29th,” said media analyst Brad Adgate of Horizon media. “I do think it will get some buzz but not sure if it will get a bump in viewers.”

Nothing is set in stone, obviously, but that’d be amazing! What do you think? Would Lohan-Gingrich hold a candle to the great SNL political impressions?



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