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Watch People Slip ’n’ Slide Into Kiddie Pools in Super-Slow Motion

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By HVculture on November 1, 2012

On the interwebs, the weather’s never stormy and our cities are never flooded. It’s always bikini season, and there’s no better way to spend a weekend than diving down a steep slip ’n’ slide ramp and flying into a row of kiddie pools.

Just like how, on the interwebs, our pets are safe from hurricanes. Cute kids blast them in the face with a hose while rainbows form behind them.

Miss you, summer.

We’re glad October is over. It’s November 1, and things are looking up:

We have Neil Patrick Harris’ family’s awesome Halloween costumes.

We have this Springsteen-led benefit for victims of Frankensuperstormicane Sandy.

Our LGBTQ brothers and sisters have a real (and generous) ally in Brad Pitt.

We have Louis C.K. on SNL.

We have a safe baby walrus, thanks to amazing aquarium employees.

We have Tom Hanks reciting slam poetry about Full House.

We have Obama with an edge in Iowa, New Hampshire and Wisconsin. And soon, all the election madness will be over. (Because we all feel like this girl.)

And that’s just the start.

Sandy’s Effect on Election Day
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