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Sleepy Man Banjo Boys’ ‘Dueling Banjos’



By HVentertainment
March 13, 2012 at 1:16 pm

We introduced you to the Sleepy Man Banjo Boys in May 2011, back when the boys’ Facebook page has just 258 “likes.” Now that’s up to more than 21,000, and they continue to amaze.

Meet the Brothers Mizzone: There’s Tommy, 14, on guitar; Robbie, 13, on the fiddle; and Jonny, 9, on the banjo. These three brothers can absolutely shred, or whatever that verb is in the bluegrass world. Their’s is a growing talent that isn’t just raw; it’s already being harnessed powerfully.

The band’s latest effort? A “revenge of the guitar” version of Dueling Banjos:

Hopefully these young’ins did not have to sit through Deliverance to learn how to play it.

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