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@SeinfeldToday Twitter Parody Puts Modern Spin on Dated Sitcom

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Slade Sohmer

By Slade Sohmer on December 10, 2012

And whaaaat’s the deal with Twitters?!

One only needs to take one look at the cast’s outfits on reruns of Seinfeld to see how dated the show looks when it’s rebroadcast in syndication.

But what’s truly amazing about re-watching the show nearly 15 years after its finale is how many plots could never have approached the level of comedy they achieved had modern technology existed then. On the other hand, such a premise has given life to a brilliant new Twitter account, @SeinfeldToday, which imagines new episodes given all the trappings of smartphones, Skype, Twitter, Facebook and all the other nonsense we think we need.

Much like @FakeLouieEps, this is spot-on stuff. Here are some examples:

Seinfeld & LD Reunite for Premiere of Jerry’s New Web Series
Michael Richards Talks About Stage Meltdown With Seinfeld

In the same way that one random dude made Betty White happen again, could this inspire a modern Seinfeld web series? You’d watch.

The account has racked up more than 10,000 50,000 followers in its first 24 hours — hop on board now before The Internet is so over it.

UPDATE: The parody account is the brainchild of BuzzFeed’s Jack Moore.

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