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This 8-Year-Old Girl Is the Fantasy Football Player You Wish You Had

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By Greg Seals on November 7, 2012

This is no mere game of powderpuff.

Meet Sam Gordon, an 8-year-old pee wee football prodigy. With 2012 season stats like 35 scores, 1,911 rushing yards, 232 carries and 65 tackles, she’s the player you wish you had to save your pitiful fantasy team this year.

A single play from Sam’s highlight reel invalidates any antiquated argument as to why girls shouldn’t be allowed to play alongside and then beat boys in any sport. Forget about trying to play dirty and pull her ponytail, because by the time you even think about it Sam’s already broken two tackles and is doing a victory dance in the endzone.

If her nickname isn’t already Flash Gordon then it damn well should be. With moves like this, there is no way this kid couldn’t go pro.

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