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Mike Birbiglia Casts NPR’s Terry Gross in Hilarious Short Film for This American Life LIVE

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By Greg Seals on May 11, 2012

On Thursday night, thousands of bespectacled gentrification enthusiasts and I fought our instincts by gathering in local chain theaters and megaplexes when we would rather be in smaller art house venues. Yet, it was all in the name of national public radio, as a stage production of “This American Life” was broadcast live in theaters across the country. The show featured David Sedaris, comedian Tig Notaro and the music of OK Go. The show was terrific, but one particular segment won the day.

Enjoy this hilarious short film, which premiered last night, written and directed by Mike Birbiglia. It marks the brilliant acting debut of NPR’s Terry Gross. Make sure to stick with it through to the end.


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