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Rejoice! Louis C.K.’s SNL Promos Have Arrived!

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By Greg Seals on October 31, 2012

First it was Betty White. Now it’s Louis C.K.

When the internet champions a celebrity or comedian as a host for Saturday Night Live, there is no stopping them.

Today, the wish of millions of comedy fans everywhere has been granted, for there is finally verifiable proof of the impeding perfect marriage of comedy superstardom. Behold!, the Louis C.K. SNL promos in their Halloween/Sandy glory. It would be Louis’ luck that he finally gets his coveted chance to host SNL, timed perfectly with a harsh bitch slap delivered by the hand of Superstorm Sandy, fate so perfect it’s practically a Louie plot line.

With New York recovering from Sandy, and this being the last SNL before the 2012 election, there is a lot riding on the show, but there is no doubt that C.K. will deliver. Let’s just hope he doesn’t have any screaming audience members to contend with. Or, better yet, hopefully there are.

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