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Watch a Hilarious ‘Louie’-Style Twist on a Charlie Brown Christmas

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By HVentertainment on December 17, 2012

Is Charlie Brown the animated Louis C.K., or is Louis C.K. the real life Charlie Brown? Some questions are just unanswerable. [WarmingGlow]

• Silent but deadly, hear a guy playing Simon and Garfunkel’s “The Sound of Silence” with hand farts. [VideoGum]

• Fatty acids in ice cream could be the new fossil fuels. [DeathandTaxes]

• Answer a question as twee as time itself by finding out which Wes Anderson character you are. [Flavorwire]

• Need some extra cash for the christmas season? Here are 10 bets you’ll always win. [BroBible]

• The force is strong in the UK. Star Wars‘ Jedi religion is the most popular alternate faith in England. [TheMarySue]

Facebook is launching a rival sexting app to compete with SnapChat, because what could possibly go wrong there?! [Geekosystem]

• Take a tour of the largest fan-held Star Wars memorabilia collection in existence, or church as they call it in England. [RobotMutant]

• See the ladies of Marvel comics get art nouveau makeovers. [UnrealityMag]

Candy Magazine has a trans-gender Michelle Obama-inspired cover model who gives the FLOTUS a run for her money in the arms department. [PaperMag]

James Franco just sold a book of poetry. Meanwhile, you still work at Barnes & Noble with your creative writing degree. [TheFrisky]

• Before he was a famous führer, Adolf Hitler fancied himself a bit of a Bob Ross. [EnvironmentalGraffiti]

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