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Kids, Get in the Van! We’re Going to ‘The Human Centipede on Ice’!

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By Cooper Fleishman on February 7, 2012

C’mon, guys, hurry up — you don’t want to be late to the Danbury Ice Arena! It’s an adorable children’s production of … OK, I don’t really know what it’s about, but it looks like three kids get zipped into a cute little critter who skates around and teaches you all about science, the natural world and the human body. Doesn’t that sound great? There are even complimentary snacks!

The Children and Family Center always puts on a great Valentine’s Day show. A few years back, it gave us the second-grade production of Equus, Peter Shaffer’s play about a boy who blinds horses with a metal spike (audiences, sadly, did not get to see Harry Potter’s wand).

We really wanted to go to this ice capade, but we figured it was a joke. So I called the Danbury Ice Arena to try to book tickets, but a representative says he knows nothing of the event. Foiled!

When asked if he’d ever seen the movie, he said no, so of course I described it to him. Still waiting to hear back on whether they’ll update the site to say, “No, there is no Human Centipede on Ice.”

Because that’d be funny.

(via HappyPlace)


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