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Kick-Ass Kids of 2012: Youngsters Who Made This Year Awesome

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By Greg Seals on December 17, 2012

In light of the tragedy that befell Newtown on Friday, it’s important to avoid becoming overly calloused and cynical by inherent evil that often rears its ugly head. Let these kick-ass kids of 2012 serve as a reflection of how astounding this year was, and also how good the world can be in spite of it all.

Classic over-achievers

• Forget simple lick-and-stick tattoos, this 12-year-old has been inking since she was 4. Kudos to Dad who serves as the canvas.

• This 11-year-old made a great list of “life goals.”

• This little girl can pick a master lock in 5 minutes — she’s gonna be everyone’s best friend when they forget their locker combos.

• Screw your baking soda volcano, this 15-year-old science fair winner developed a revolutionary pancreatic cancer test.

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Girls took charge

• They gave oppressive patriarchy a swift kick to the nuts, literally.

• This 8-year-old informed us why being a girl is awesome.

• This precocious 6-year-old taught us it’s never too early to start addressing gender inequalities in board games like “Guess Who?”


• Pee-wee powerhouse Sam Gordon proved some girls make better quarterbacks than cheerleaders.

• Young Afghan girls shredded harder than anyone else out there.

Those who lost the training wheels

• This was a year for kids to conquer their fears

• … in the most extreme ways possible.

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Those who made us laugh

• With both their anatomy questions

• … and their own discovery of the human anatomy.

Those who made us cry

• But most importantly, this real life Toy Story reminded us you’re never too old for stuffed animals.

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