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Kick-Ass Kids of 2012: Youngsters Who Made This Year Awesome


By Greg Seals
December 17, 2012 at 11:30 am

In light of the tragedy that befell Newtown on Friday, it’s important to avoid becoming overly calloused and cynical by inherent evil that often rears its ugly head. Let these kick-ass kids of 2012 serve as a reflection of how astounding this year was, and also how good the world can be in spite of it all.

Classic over-achievers

• Forget simple lick-and-stick tattoos, this 12-year-old has been inking since she was 4. Kudos to Dad who serves as the canvas.

• This 11-year-old made a great list of “life goals.”

• This little girl can pick a master lock in 5 minutes — she’s gonna be everyone’s best friend when they forget their locker combos.

• Screw your baking soda volcano, this 15-year-old science fair winner developed a revolutionary pancreatic cancer test.

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Girls took charge

• They gave oppressive patriarchy a swift kick to the nuts, literally.

• This 8-year-old informed us why being a girl is awesome.

• This precocious 6-year-old taught us it’s never too early to start addressing gender inequalities in board games like “Guess Who?”


• Pee-wee powerhouse Sam Gordon proved some girls make better quarterbacks than cheerleaders.

• Young Afghan girls shredded harder than anyone else out there.

Those who lost the training wheels

• This was a year for kids to conquer their fears

• … in the most extreme ways possible.

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Those who made us laugh

• With both their anatomy questions

• … and their own discovery of the human anatomy.

Those who made us cry

• But most importantly, this real life Toy Story reminded us you’re never too old for stuffed animals.

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