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An Interview With Keith Strickland of The B-52s: Putting It All Together

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By Weeping Elvis on April 28, 2012

This post originally ran on our objectively badass music site, Weeping Elvis.

The B-52’s have been sending out a siren call of unconventionality to kindred spirits for over four decades, selling millions of albums in the process. We spoke with Keith Strickland, guitarist for the iconic Georgia-born band, from his home in Key West.

Weeping Elvis: You guys recently played the 10th TV Land awards. What was that like?

Keith Strickland: At this point I’d put it like this: It’s kinda like if I woke in the morning and said, “I had this dream last night and we were the house band at this show and Kelly Ripa came down from a rope from the ceiling down to the stage, while wearing a catsuit, and Pee Wee Herman was there and Aretha Franklin.” It was just kind of surreal in a way, it was like a dream when I look back at it, but it all seemed to work really well. I was a bit surprised they asked us to be the house band. It was an interesting challenge because we had to make minute versions of our songs. We did about seven songs. It was a bit of a challenge to do that but it was fun. It was an odd sort of eclectic, pop American party.

WE: Anyone there that surprised you? (In a good way?)

KS: We had met Paul Reubens before and we haven’t seen him in years, so it was good to see him. We were on stage so we didn’t have too much time to meet people or have a conversation. We did have one break when Aretha played and we got to meet members of the cast of In Living Color. Tommy Davidson from In Living Color came up to us and told us how much he likes “Give Me Back My Man” and Cindy and all of us were blown away because we’re big fans of In Living Color too. Jim Carey was there as well. That show was brilliant. We’ve actually been watching it on the tour bus.

WE: What artists are you liking these days?

KS: I like Gotye a lot. I found him quite a while ago. This was before he became the big hit he is now and I’m really happy to see that. I also like Foster the People a lot. I really like “Helena Beat” from them. I just love everything about that song. Not a new artist, but I’ve recently been listening to Francoise Hardy. She’s a French singer that came out in the 60s and she’s still making music. Her last release came out in 2010. She’s amazing. I love her stuff.

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