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Humanitarian of the Year: The Best of Kate and Her Uptons in 2012

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By Greg Seals on December 6, 2012

Kate Upton might be more well-known for her more natural talents — like dancing or wearing bikinis — but 2012 proved that she is a humanitarian like no other. Here’s the clearest argument for a Nobel Peace Prize nomination.

She gave some boys their first boners at a charity event which featured mechanical bull riding.

She helped Brooklyn teens clean up Fort Greene Park, who went home and did some raking of their own.

She answered phones at the Cantor Fitzgerald Trading floor as part of a 9-11 charity day.

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With campaigns like this for Beach Bunny, she improved the circulation problems of a lot of men.

She helped farmers by driving up the price of beef with this Hardee’s commercial.

She’s single-handedly saved the print publication industry by appearing on multiple covers.

Normally we don’t paginate, but to help with load, both yours and ours, click here for the best of the rest of Kate Upton’s 2012. Spoiler: bikini dancing gifs.

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