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Jon Hamm Answers Teen Girls’ Questions About Love, Farts

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By HVentertainment on May 9, 2012

Is it just us, or does Jon Hamm make the news for doing a different awesome thing every day? The jerk can’t be happy with everyone talking about Mad Men for 48 hours straight after each episode airs. He’s gotta go do cool shit like go bowling, freestyle about Taxi with Reggie Watts or, in this case, make surprisingly canny and practical sex-advice vids for Tavi Gevinson’s Rookie mag.

Hamm is pretty on point here. Question about farting? “Everybody farts.” Question about getting guys? You’re not defined by who’s into you. Question about sex? It’s normal if he wants to wait, but making out is awesome. About being “16-ish”? Seriously, Brittany, commit.

“There aren’t any teenage girls in my life that I’m aware of,” writes Uproxx, “but if there were I’d send this over with a “watch so you can be a better person” note ASAP.”

See also: Paul Rudd.

For another uplifting round of teen sex advice, listen to the wise words of rapper Too $hort. Actually, don’t. Do not listen to a word this man says. It is the worst sex advice of all time. It will make you physically ill.

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