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Jesse Tyler Ferguson: Eric Stonestreet ‘Stealing Gay American Jobs’

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By HVentertainment on September 25, 2012

Only one loving on-screen husband could’ve taken home the Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy at the 2012 Emmys, and that flamboyant gay man was actually a straight dude. The horror!

Modern Family‘s Eric Stonestreet beat out Jesse Tyler Ferguson (as well as co-stars Ty Burrell and Ed O’Neill), but it’s Ferguson whose revenge plan seems to be on the right track. In this vicious attack ad shown on Jimmy Kimmel Live, the Ferguson Campaign hammers Stonestreet as a straight dude who “steals gay American jobs.” Clever.

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Comedy blog Splitsider has the right idea: “Let’s just hope this ad is the first in a series of vicious, escalating attacks between Ferguson and Stonestreet over the course of the next year that results in Ferguson demanding the first-ever Emmy vote recount.” We’ll go further: Mr. Show, anyone?

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