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To Be Fair, Jay-Z Has No Clue Who This Lady Is Either

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By HVentertainment on December 4, 2012

Let’s put all our greatest fears about the New York City subway system to rest for a few minutes and embrace the random beauty of it all instead.

Birthday boy Jay-Z‘s Life + Times YouTube page released a 24-minute mini-documentary about Hova’s eight-night opening of the Barclays Center in Brooklyn. Where I’m From is terrific start to finish, but the highlight comes about 19 minutes into the video when Jay-Z takes the subway to his final performance. There, he sits next to Ellen (later ID’d as artist Ellen Grossman), who at first has no clue who he is, then knows exactly who he is.

Apparently the “Do you know who the hell *I* am? I’M ELLEN FUCKING GROSSMAN, BRAH” footage got cut from the final version.

This delightful chance encounter needs to make it to the “Great Subway Seat Pairings in History” Tumblr page immediately.

UPDATE: New York Mag has some great quotes from Grossman: “I was on a fairly sparsely populated subway car, and I was sitting in the corner,” she explained. “At Canal Street, a surge of people got on, and since my son was in the buildings on 9/11, my first reaction was that there had been a disaster upstairs. But everyone was laughing and smiling. My second reaction was, ‘Oh there’s a flash mob.'”

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