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Jacob & The Guitar Man: Blind, Autistic 8-Year-Old Boy Rockin’ Out With Street Musician

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By HVvids on May 15, 2012

Kids rockin’ out is nothing new. Have you seen the little boy sleeping in the back seat who wakes up drumming like Animal when Nirvana’s “Bleed” starts playing? Or the little girl riding in the back seat who dances to Gotye’s “Somebody That I Used To Know” like nobody is watching? It’s innate.

For some kids, music isn’t just a thing that makes them move. Especially to someone like a blind boy with autism, music can be one of the few things that helps them interact with strangers, or explore feelings. Take Jacob, an eight-year-old from Lawrence, Kansas. Jacob and his mother happened upon a busker named Tyler Gregory downtown, and the experience turned into something truly incredible.

That’s just magical. Without words, Gregory picked up the uniqueness of this chance encounter with this special boy. Gregory doesn’t freak out when the boy touches the guitar for vibrations, nor for that matter when Jacob brushes against his leg. He goes with it. He knows the score. He’s a good man. He dives into it immediately. And watching Jacob’s mother watching her son watching this gifted street musician is just as awesome as watching Jacob himself. The way she must feel inside. What a scene.



Boy wakes up drumming:

Grace rockin’ out to Gotye:

(Jacob vid via Reddit)


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