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5 iPad Box Present Pranks: How the Grinch Trolled Christmas

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By HVentertainment on December 26, 2012

This Christmas, many drew their gift-giving inspiration from Jalonta, who back in November purchased a fake gas station iPad for $200.

These trolls weren’t amateur Apple peddlers, though. Rather than wrapping up a mirror and slapping that signature bitten insignia on the back, these scrooges found actual iPad boxes to wrap. As evidenced by these videos and pics, it made the sting of the bait-and-switch all the more painful. For these unlucky folks, it’ll be another year longingly watching unboxing videos and reflecting on the “Sent from my iPad” memos that could have been.

It’s a real Charlie Brown Christmas — watch as time after time they get so close to kicking that football, only to have it yanked away.

ipad christmas prank


Don’t expect to see any of this type of trolling after Boxing Day. Canadians are far too polite for this tomfoolery.

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